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Outrider Contracting provides snowcat services to companies throughout Western Canada. We have a diverse background with clients in the mining, oil and film industries and well as providing road construction and maintenance for various companies. All of our operators have a minimum of 3000 hours (4-5 years) experience in Snowcats and Outrider is committed to providing a high standard and impressive work ethic while maintaining a safe work environment.

Snowcats are ideal for winter road and ice road construction. With less than 1 pound per square inch ground pressure, a Snowcat can travel with ease in swampy, marshy terrain. They can travel on as little as 16 inches (40cm) of ice, making the Snowcat the preferred piece of equipment to break trail and initiate the winter road and ice road freeze up and construction.

With the addition of a passenger cab we have the capacity to move 12-15 passengers safely to and from the work site. Snowcats are able to safely work in overcast and most whiteout conditions. We also have the ability to break down our Snowcats to fly them in to the most remote and hard-to-get-to locations. Outrider Contracting will help cut transport costs and make sure that your project runs as smoothly as possible.